Your Input Requested for an Upcoming Sunshine Coast Transit Future Plan

BCCC Members Input Requested for an Upcoming Stakeholder Meeting on the Sunshine Coast Transit Future Plan

The BCCC will be represented at an upcoming stakeholder meeting on the 27th of March. As cyclists, especially those who cycle or cycle tour on the Sunshine Coast, your input is sought to help shape the BCCC’s messages for this Stakeholder Meeting.

We expect that another Sunshine Coast group will also be involved providing input from local cyclists.

The BCCC’s interest in this Transit Futures Plan includes supporting advancement of cycling in this region and in this province, in general, with supportive area transit futures plans which facilitate cycling and

  • Combined Mobility (trips combining transit and ferries with cycling) – the transit vehicles, the terminals, and stops having capacity and facilities for accommodating bicycles and also serving as a back-up to cycling trips necessitating to be competed by transit due to unplanned happenings
  • Road and transit infrastructure supporting cycling as part of combined mobility trips – cycling as a feed to transit stops
  • Cycle Tourism on the Sunshine Coast – the transit system supporting touring

For your information, the agenda for this meeting will focus on designing the future transit network and prioritizing change based upon the feedback from the first round of engagement and, more specifically, on

  • feedback is gathered from stakeholders on the draft Vision, Goals and Targets;
  • feedback is gathered from stakeholders on priorities for transit system change; and
  • stakeholders provide input to the Transit Future Network Design.

Refer to http://www.bctransit.com/transitfuture/sun_latestupdates.cfm

Please provide your input on the list serve or directly to Jack Becker at [email protected]

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