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The Provincial Government has recently announced the new 10-year transportation plan, B.C. on the Move. 

The plan marks a significant opportunity to improve cycling in B.C. Thanks to all of you who completed their survey. It made a real difference as 72% supported enhancing cycling infrastructure!

As a result, the plan includes:

  • $18 million over 3 years in Bike BC funding for communities (an increase of 50%)
  • the widening of shoulders and safety improvements on provincial highways in areas with high volumes of cyclists 
  • doubling of the frequency of sweeping on main cycling corridors
  • Cycling Tourism Signage and Marketing Strategy to promote B.C.’s beautiful cycling routes

These improvements are much appreciated. Still, more is needed. We strongly encourage the Province to implement a comprehensive Active Transportation Strategy building upon the BC Road Safety Strategy which commits to a long term goal of zero fatalities.  Safe and comfortable access for people walking, cycling, riding transit or using wheelchairs should be an integral part of the plan and of all the roads and bridges in BC.

Cycling facilities should be safe, convenient and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities including children and seniors. This includes bicycle paths and protected bike lanes that are designed to be safe for the higher speed cycling required for long distance commuting, training and exercise.


  1. Accelerate provincial investment in walking and all ages and abilities cycling infrastructure totalling $100 million per year including:

    • Funding for auditing, planning and upgrading cycling and walking facilities on provincial roads and bridges including shoulders and separated paths;

    • Increased Bike BC cost sharing funding to complete cycling networks in communities;

    • Funding for Safe Routes to School for B.C. children 

    • Cost sharing funding for complete streets with all ages cycling facilities that are also safer and more comfortable for walking; and

    • Funding for trails and paths used by cycling and walking tourists and residents.

  2. Improved cycling and driver education;

  3. The adoption of improved standards for facilities that are both appropriate for all ages and abilities and higher-speed cycling;
  4. Universally available cycling skills training for children with provincial funding support;

  5. Improved standards & more funding for maintenance and hazard removal on roads, shoulders paths used by cyclists;

  6. Legislation to improve the safety and legal protection of people walking and cycling including a safe passing distance (1m) law and allowing riding two abreast;

  7. Legislative changes allowing municipalities to cost-effectively reduce speeds on walking and cycling routes;

  8. The implementation of a comprehensive cycling tourism strategy; and

  9. Increased provincial funding for transit and legislation that gives municipalities and TransLink the authority to implement new funding sources for cycling, walking and transit improvements.

Take Action

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Write a Letter to Minister Stone and your MLA

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Let us know your cycling infrastructure project priorities.

More Information

Download the BCCC Active Transportation Strategy for more information.

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