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    Whether a vehicle is electric or not, if it is personally owned, it takes up valuable land at home, work, and other destinations. In cities and town centres we should be encouraging car sharing instead.

    When people don’t pay for the insurance and car payments up front but book a vehicle instead, they use it less often. The health benefits alone are enormous (saving us all health dollars in reduced obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and improved mental health when people walk and bike and take transit more).

    Obviously, bicycling can be easier for seniors, for example, than walking as it puts less strain on the hips and knees. One can go farther and carry more. This should be encouraged for all BCers with the purchase of e-bikes in hilly BC and with rebates. Please focus on the right things to rebate for a win, win, win situation.

    Electric Bike Emailer

    {{mailer?headline=Take Action: Tell the Leaders to Remove the PST and Add Rebates for E-bikes&introduction=Let them know how more affordable electric bikes and dramatically increased investment in cycling networks will help you and others in your community get around.&button_yes=Yes. I Want the PST on E-bikes Eliminated!&subpage=electric_bike_emailer&thermometer=true&thermometer_value_phrase=people have sent emails&to=government_bc.mlas.leaders.premier,government_bc.mlas.port.trans.minister,government_bc.mlas.port.finance.minister,government_bc.mlas.port.energy.minister&cc=government_bc.mlas.leaders.!premier,government_bc.mlas.port.trans.!minister,government_bc.mlas.port.finance.!minister,government_bc.mlas.port.energy.!minister,government_bc.mlas.port.environment.*,mla.local,member_organization.local,bccc&placeholder=Your message *}}

    {{email?type==autoresponse&&for==mailer&&from==BC Cycling:[email protected]&&subject==Thank You for Supporting Rebates and Eliminating the PST on E-bikes&&body==Dear recipient.first_name_or_friend

    Thank you for supporting removing the PST on and adding rebates for e-bikes. Your letter really helps!

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    BC Cycling Coalition


    Please join me in helping to electric bikes more affordable for people in BC. Send a email in support of removing the PST on and adding rebates for e-bikes.

    Let the leaders know how electric bicycles can help you, your family and friends get around more sustainably. It only takes a minute or two and will really help make a difference! 

    Here is the message I just sent:


    Yes. I support more affordable e-bikes! 




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