Sunshine Coast Transit Future Plan Report Back

On March 27, the BCCC was represented at the Sunshine Coast Transit Future Plan, Key Stakeholder Workshop 2. The workshop objectives included feedback on draft vision, goals, and targets, and input on the future transit network design and feedback on priorities for transit system changes. A submission was sent to BC Transit after the workshop.

For transit future plans, the BCCC advocates for the inclusion of strategies and plans supporting Combined Mobility trips involving transit and cycling, transit as part of touring cycling trips, and transit as a back-up option for everyday cycling for transportation. The contribution of strategies and plans to a transit system will be growth of ridership with cycling being a more viable feeder mode of bringing passengers to the transit system.

For journeys with transit, the BCCC interest focuses on segments of Combined Mobility trips, including cycling between end destinations and transit stops; transitioning from streets to transit vehicles at transit stops; parking of bicycles at transit stops for short term to longer term periods; and provisions on transit vehicles for bicycle carrying capacities and parking, either on the exterior or on-board.

For cycle touring, the option for taking transit for part of trips is important to appeal to a wider spectrum of people, including those who are not committed cyclists, and to bring the benefits of cycling touring to the local economy.

For people who wish to cycle for transportation or for other trip purposes, the capacity of using transit for part of any trip is a growth promoter for cycling as an Active Transportation mode. The decision to switch to transit during any trip may be driven from considerations ranging from personal preferences to environmental influencers, including trip time factors; weather; darkness setting in; mechanical breakdown of a bicycles; shopping enroute; choosing to cycle one-way, cycling and coming back on transit; and others. With the knowledge that a nearby transit option is available, more people can choose cycling as a transportation option.

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