Make Ride Hailing Safe for Cyclists

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Tired of taxis, delivery trucks and other vehicles blocking bike lanes? Well, without road improvements, the right regulations and enforcement, the introduction of ride-hailing (Uber, Lyft, etc.) could make it worse.

However, with smart planning, policies, taxes and regulations, the introduction of ride-hailing provides BC the unique opportunity to transform communities, making roads safer and more attractive to people cycling while more effectively accommodating transit, taxis, goods delivery and automated vehicles.

Please let the Minister know you want ride-hailing made safe for people who cycling!

Initial financing from the ride-hailing industry and an on-going tax on ride-hailing should fund the implementation, operation and enforcement of:

  • Pick up/drop off zones;
  • Protected bike lanes;

Other measures, that will ensure that ride-hailing reduces congestion and is safe and environmentally beneficial, include:

  • Mandate or incentivize the use of small, lighter vehicles that are less likely to seriously injure people walking and cycling. Full size SUVs and pickups are 3 times more likely to severely injure people walking than smaller vehicles. Smaller vehicles are also more fuel efficient and require less space on the road and in loading zones
  • Ensure that pedicabs, tandem bicycles & electric Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) can be used for ride-hailing
  • Mandate pedestrian and cycling collision avoidance systems
  • Enforce zero tolerance for distracted driving and stopping in bus and bike lanes
  • Enact a safer passing law, increased penalties for dooring, blanket speed limits under 50km/h and other Motor Vehicle Act updates
  • Fine the ride-hailing companies for driver infractions to incentivize them to find solutions to prevent infractions.
  • Establish distance-based insurance & mobility pricing for ride-hailing

More info

Making Roads Right for Ride-hailing | BC Cycling Coalition

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