Report Hazards

Hazard such as gravel, sand, debris, dead animals, fallen trees, defective signs, bridge damage, potholes, overgrown vegetation, flooding, snow and ice on roads, shoulders and paths can be very dangerous to people cycling.


Please report these problems to the authorities through the links listed below to ensure they are fixed and don't place others at risk.

Provincial Roads, Highways and Bridges - Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure   

Comox Valley - Hazard Report - Comox Valley Cycling Coalition

Kelowna - Improving Bicycle Infrastructure | Kelowna Area Cycling Coalition

Metro Vancouver - Report Route Problems | HUB

Victoria -

Other Municipalities - BC - Local Governments | CivicInfoBC

Please let us know below if you have crashed due to a hazards, problems aren't fixed immediately, occur on an ongoing basis or you have trouble finding out who to report the problem to.

For major issues and improvements including upgrading cycling routes, adding protected bike lanes and improving intersections for:

  • Sam Li
    commented 2018-07-17 12:17:04 -0700
    July 17, 2018 (Tuesday morning). Across from the Nanaimo skytrain station, Vancouver, there are two bike paths closely together. The entrance to the northern bike path is full of broken glasses. My front tire got slashed up when I rode across the broken glasses.
  • Richard Campbell
    commented 2018-05-04 00:55:18 -0700
    Does this work?
  • Vic Fisher
    commented 2015-07-09 08:59:15 -0700
    Hwy 17 (South Fraser Perimeter Road) from River road to Hwy 15. This is a designated bike route that has 6’ to 8’ shoulders. In some locations there is so much gravel and debris on the shoulders cyclists are forced to ride close to traffic (on white line) to avoid flats. I ride the route regularly while commuting and I am constantly getting flats. The wide shoulders are designed to ensure cyclists safety, yet poor conditions are unnecessarily forcing cyclists closer and closer to Hwy speed traffic.
  • jacquie hurst
    commented 2015-01-26 14:52:24 -0800
    On the cycling route between Cambie and Heather on West 29 ave , there is a hospital shuttle that runs every 15 minutes—this is a busy cycle route—hospital employees and students for Eric Hamber—

    At the corner of Cambie and 29, there is a 6 story construction job such that there are cars parked along both sides of West 29 and often trucks turning in and out—-they are enough of a hazard for cyclists —often the shuttle has to pull over to let a car coming the other way pass

    I have tried the city of Vancouver —various departments -and the police —to try to get the bus to run on a different street

    I’m hoping you can get something done—thank you