Protected Bike Lanes Make Communities Safer for Everyone

A study has found that networks of protected bike lanes make cities safer for everyone including those driving and walking. Based on the experience of existing protected bike lanes, they predict that a complete network of protected bike lanes would decrease traffic fatalities by 44% and fatal/severe injury by 50%.

The study by Wes Marshall from the University of Colorado Denver and Nick Ferenchak from the University of New Mexico, found that it was the protected bike lanes that resulted in the improvements, not higher cycling rates or safety in numbers. This is likely due to safer street design, and lower motor vehicle speeds

This strongly increases the business case for massive investment in protected bike lanes. This investment, in addition to GHG emissions reductions, could significantly reduce ICBC costs that total around $4.6 billion per year. This would result in lower insurance rates so those that drive should be supporting investing in protected bike lanes if they want lower insurance rates.

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