What is Right to Bike?


The Right to Bike initiative seeks to develop a framework for youth cycling education in BC. The framework would establish universal standards for cycling training, provide accreditation for instructors, and ensure accessibility to training for youth across the province.



The proposed standard would be built around a linear progression of levels, which mirrors children’s physical and cognitive development, and allows anyone – child, adult or senior – to advance at their own pace to the level of cycling proficiency that suits their needs and ability.




A certification program tied to the standard would be licensed to parties interested in delivering certified cycling training, and would include everything needed to deliver bicycle skills and safety training, anywhere in BC. Based on best practices and successful models in other fields, the program would operate on a cost-recovery model, and would offer:

  • Common performance-based standards for the instruction and certification of trainees;
  • Instructor training both for qualification to train and ongoing professional development;
  • Accreditation of instructors, facilities, and other essential resources;
  • Educational material and templates;
  • Publicity, to raise public awareness of the benefits of cycling training and the existence of a standard; and
  • Ongoing support to instructors and stakeholders.


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