Right to Bike


The profile of cycling is on the rise in British Columbia: the bicycle was Vancouver Courier’s biggest news maker of 2010; cycling is an integral part of TransLink’s 30 year plan to reduce car use to 50% of all trips in Metro Vancouver; and the Provincial Government has invested over $100 million in promoting cycling over the last 10 years.


In the past, investment in encouraging cycling in BC has predominantly been focused on building infrastructure and facilities and, to a lesser extent, promoting awareness of cycling. A necessary, but as yet under-utilized, complement to these measures is to provide prospective cyclists with the ability to ride their bicycles confidently and safely.


An obvious place to start, in order to maximize benefit and ensure long-term impact, is to provide bicycle skills and safety training to children and youth. Bicycle and traffic safety skills contribute to the health, safety and development of today’s children. Right to Bike is a proposal for a standardized cycling skills and safety education program for the entire province of British Columbia.

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