Party Statements

Please find the statements the BCCC received from the major provincial parties below. The statements are listed in the order that they were received. The BCCC and its member organizations are non-partisan and thus will not be providing endorsements of parties or positions.

The Green Party of BC

The Green Party of BC is committed to creating and supporting clean, affordable, and efficient transportation modes for all British Columbians. Greens want to limit urban sprawl while increasing cycling paths, maintaining and creating more walkable neighbourhoods, and providing affordable transit systems. Encouraging cycling is one of the ways in which Greens will contribute to a more cycle-friendly BC. The BC Greens will also provide tax breaks and funds that support cycling and other clean modes of transportation.


Funding for increased biking infrastructure will come from the use of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies, such as road pricing, congestion pricing and parking pricing. BC Greens would also increase the carbon tax and use some of this extra revenue to fund transportation alternatives. Being dedicated to a healthy and clean lifestyle for all British Columbians, BC Greens want to see an increase in the accessibility of current biking infrastructure, while continuing to improve and expand it.


Increased cycling is sure to provide many benefits to British Columbians by decreasing health care problems that are a result of physical inactivity, increasing revenue by creating ‘green-collar’ jobs, and decreasing pollution from car emissions. Greens recognize the potential that cycling has in contributing to an overall cleaner environment. This is why the BC Greens are dedicated to providing British Columbians with easier and greater access to safe cycling infrastructure and encouraging them to live more active and healthy lifestyles.


The BC NDP believes that making our communities more accessible to a range of transportation options, including cycling, is important to liveability and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We are encouraged by the fact that cycling is continuing to grow as an important form of recreation, transportation and tourism generation. Our platform commits to investing a portion of carbon tax revenue to enhance and expand transit options, build and rehabilitate green infrastructure and support climate solutions. This could include cycling infrastructure and programs.


The BC NDP will honour all capital commitments funded by the BC Liberals in the 2013 budget and we will continue the planning process for all projects that are currently in that stage of development. This includes the commitment to cycling infrastructure of $9 million over the next 3 years. We also commit to meeting with the BC Cycling Coalition to discuss how we could enhance cycling infrastructure, education and tourism opportunities across BC.

BC Liberals

Through BikeBC we’ve supported development and improvement of cycling infrastructure across the province in partnership with local governments. In fact, since 2001, we’ve invested $148m in 75 communities.


Our government cycling policy requires us to include cycling infrastructure in all major road improvement projects where practical. The best example is the new Port Mann Bridge. When complete, it will include new cycling lanes that will connect with existing networks on the Surrey and Coquitlam sides. It represents the largest single investment in cycling infrastructure in the history of the province.


These types of investment must continue.


I hope we get a chance to work together on these issues after the election.

BC Conservatives

We have not yet received a statement from the BC Conservatives. If we receive one before Election Day, we will post it here.

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