PRESS RELEASE: Bike to Vote Builds Momentum for May 14th Election

Provincial campaign encourages people to cycle to the polls

Vancouver, BC – A new provincial campaign aims to build voter turnout and awareness of sustainable transportation issues in the upcoming election by asking people to do one simple thing – Bike to Vote.

“It just makes sense. Most polling stations are within 2 – 5 kms of where people live and work, which is the perfect distance for riding a bike.” Says John Rowlandson, Bike to Vote co-organizer. “Bike to Vote is all about celebrating mobility and freedom – the freedom to move and freedom to choose.”

North American voter research shows that increased accessibility to voting places plays a key role in voter participation. Suburban polls are considered to be least accessible because they are most logistically complex to reach with a motor vehicle. While distances between rural voting places are the longest, simple and direct routing increases voter accessibility.

Urban voting places are the easiest and most convenient to reach by bicycle. High-density neighbourhoods have limited street parking and are prone to increased congestion, traffic and pollution on election day, whereas cycling provides more convenient access and ample opportunities for bicycle parking.

Through the simple act of pedalling to the polls, Bike to Vote suggests that people can take an active role in decreasing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, making neighbourhoods safer, saving time & money and improving their health & wellbeing.

“What better way is there to embody the value and benefits that sustainable transportation can bring to BC?” says Mauree Aki Matsusaka, Marketing & Communications Coordinator for HUB: Your Cycling Connection. “Participating in Bike to Vote gives everyday people a chance to show politicians what they care about in an active, fun and positive way.”

Participants are encouraged to sign a pledge at http://biketovote.ca, join the #biketovote conversation via social media and organize election rides all over the province.

Further information about Bike to Vote can be found at http://biketovote.ca.


About Bike to Vote

Join British Columbians from all across the province and ride your bike to the voting booths. Bike to Vote is a positive and direct way to put your values into action, to show politicians what you care about and to create a better future for BC. Sign our pledge, join the conversation, share your pictures & stories and Bike to Vote on May 14th!

Website http://biketovote.ca | Twitter @biketovote & #biketovote
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/biketovote | Instagram @biketovote

Available Interviews

John Rowlandson – Bike to Vote Co-ordinator
Director, Island Pathways, Salt Spring Island
250 653 4049 (0830 – 1700)
[email protected]

Media Contact

Mauree Aki Matsusaka

Marketing & Communications Coordinator
HUB: Your Cycling Connection

Email [email protected] | Cell 778.896.8346
Twitter @wearehub | Facebook wearehub

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