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A life-long cyclist, I have over 30 years experience in traffic management and transportation planning, most recently in relation to bicycle facilities. I believe that BC lags behind many other jurisdictions in its approach to cycling and that a comprehensive bicycle strategy is needed in order to fully realize the environmental, health and mobility benefits that the bicycle can deliver. Ultimately, our success as an organization should be measured by the quality and safety of the cycling experience in our province

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    Thanks for your recent decision to utilize the speed enforcement capability of red light cameras. As someone who walks, cycles and drives I strongly support this initiative. I would also strongly support automated speed enforcement (based on average speed between 2 points rather than the old style radar traps) and urge you to implement this fair and effective traffic safety tool. I’ve observed that many drivers have come to view speed limits as minimums rather than maximums and routinely travel 10 to 20 km above the posted limit. In the event of a crash (which is less avoidable for speeders since they have less time to react, maneuver and brake) the consequence of higher speed is significantly increased probability of serious injuries and fatalities, especially when the victims are walking or cycling.

    While on the subject of traffic speeds I also strongly support the call of many BC municipalities to lower default speed limits (or at least to allow municipalities to do so themselves). 50 km/h is much too fast on many neighbourhood streets that are simply not designed for this speed. Now, we have the illogical situation in which the speed limit is the same on these neighbourhood streets as it is on major arterial streets.

    Road Safety Emailer

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    Send a email  to let the Premier and Ministers know you want transportation choices; more enforcement of drunk and distracted driving laws; automated speed enforcement; and lower speed limits to help protect you and your loved ones.

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    Tell them about your experiences of riding on BC's roads and dealing with traffic. It only takes a minute or two and will really help make a difference! 

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    Don’t stop in S Coquitlam. Lougheed Hwy is an important cycling link between GVRD and the rest of the province. The following sections also need upgrading: Coquitlam Centre to (and around) Pitt River Bridge, through Maple Ridge, through Mission and between Deroche and Harrison Mills.
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    Rumble Strips

    There are numerous locations throughout BC where the construction of rumble strips along with the placement of concrete barriers has reduce the useable shoulder surface to less than 600mm. This is unrideable and unsafe forcing riders into high speed traffic lanes. The MoTBC design standards specify that the paved shoulder should have a minimum width of 1.5m. Cyclists lives are being placed at risk to protect motorists who are essentially unattentive for any number of reasons. This is unacceptable as it is based on discrimination in that it implies that cyclists are less worthy of protection than careless drivers.

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