Olso to Invest $2.1 Billion in 510km Cycling Network

Olso is planning on increasing its cycling mode share to 16% by 2025 by investing to $2.1 Billion (Kr13.8 billion) to create a network of 510km of cycling infrastructure.

From Cycling Industry News:

Once completed, the updated network will place 85% of citizens within 200 metres of a cycle path.

Within the inner city, eight key routes will cover 50 km and will form key commuter arteries. The announcement adds that the bulk of these will be suitable for riders aged 2 to 80 years, suggesting that these will be segregated from traffic flows.

More here.

Norway is also planning on investing $1.25 billion on cycling highways. Clearly, Norway is setting a great example that BC and Canada should follow. 

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