Serious Cash for Cycling Video

Did you miss our Serious Cash for Cycling Panel at SFU on May 2nd? Watch the fully edited recording below, and learn about why we need a serious investment in cycling in British Columbia.

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POLL: Cycling Popular, Province-Wide Support for Cycling Investment

NRG Research Poll Surveys Attitudes towards Cycling in BC


May 06, 2013

VANCOUVER, BC – A new province-wide poll confirms that cycling is a popular mode of transportation among British Columbians and that there is wide support for increased investments in cycling infrastructure, education & promotion across BC.


Almost 70% of adults in BC cycle at least once a year, 42% cycle at least once a month and 25% ride at least once a week. The poll results show 42% of respondents would support $75 million per year in provincial funding for bicycle paths and lanes, and other investments to increase cycling in BC communities while only 29% are opposed.


The province-wide poll was conducted by the NRG Research Group on behalf of the BC Cycling Coalition (BCCC), HUB and the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition (GVCC). The BCCC recently released a comprehensive Cycling Strategy for BC, which outlines some of the key investments that the Province should make in cycling tourism, infrastructure and education.


The poll indicates a strong public interest in cycling, and a broad desire to cycle more often when and if facilities are accessible, convenient and comfortable. More bicycle paths separated from traffic is one of the most likely factors in encouraging people to cycle more, with 65% of respondents saying separated bicycle paths were very or somewhat important to them. These findings are consistent with UBC’s Cycling in Cities study in Metro Vancouver. Access to bike paths that are connected to local tourist attractions and amenities also played a role in people cycling more at 66%.


“This poll confirms findings similar to other studies and experiences in cities world-wide: Having safe cycling infrastructure – especially paths separated from traffic – plays a major role in encouraging people to cycle more.” says BC Cycling Coalition President Richard Campbell. “A significant proportion of British Columbians see a role for the provincial government when it comes to increasing funding for cycling.”


The poll indicated strong support for cycling education funding with 59% percent responding that it is very or somewhat important.


“Combining infrastructure improvements with cycling education has been shown to dramatically increase safety and cycling as a mode share, compared to just providing infrastructure alone.” notes Erin O’Melinn, Executive Director of HUB: Your Cycling Connection. “Implementing a comprehensive cycling strategy that incorporates infrastructure improvements, education & promotion would make cycling more attractive and increase the environmental & economic benefits that it brings to communities across British Columbia.”


“The GVCC and other cycling advocates want to make cycling appealing to people of all ages and abilities – from school children to seniors,” says Ray Straatsma, of the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition. “Achieving that will require major new investments in cycling infrastructure, cycling tourism and education – and cooperation from all levels of government to build communities that are cycling friendly for all residents.”


For more information about the Cycling Strategy for BC and the poll results, visit http://bccc.bc.ca/strategy.




Poll Methodology

Surveys were distributed to respondents on-line. Survey programming, hosting and data collection was undertaken by NRG Research Group. The survey was available between April 11th and April 15th, 2013. In total, n=463 interviews were completed and the survey took on average, 7 minutes to complete. Results were weighted (by gender, age and location), to reflect the general population of British Columbia.


Resources Available:

Provincial Cycling Strategy – Candidate Brief

BC Cycling Opinion Poll Results


About the BC Cycling Coalition

The BC Cycling Coalition (BCCC) is the leading provincial voice for cycling working with governments and other organizations to enable more people of all ages ride bicycles more often for transportation, recreation and tourism. The BCCC and its twelve member organizations represent thousands of people who cycle in communities across B.C. bccc.bc.ca


Richard Campbell

President, BC Cycling Coalition

Cell 778-891-1764 | Twitter @bccycle


About HUB: Your Cycling Connection

HUB is a charitable non-profit that makes cycling better through education, action and events. More cycling means healthier, happier, more connected communities. We’re leading the way in making cycling an attractive choice for everyone. bikehub.ca


Erin O’Melinn

Executive Director, HUB: Your Cycling Connection

Cell: 778-239-7252 | [email protected]


About the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition

The Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition (GVCC) is an all-volunteer organization in Victoria, BC, Canada dedicated to getting more people cycling more places, more often. We focus on advocacy, promotion, participation and education in the Greater Victoria area. gvcc.bc.ca


Ray Straatsma

Board Director

Cell: 250-818-9266 | [email protected]


Media Contact

Richard Campbell

President, BC Cycling Coalition

Cell: 778-891-1764

Email: [email protected]



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PRESS RELEASE – Better Cycling Facilities Means Mobility for Everyone – Not Just Cyclists

April 29, 2013
Disability Advocates & Seniors Support Cycling Infrastructure Improvements  
VANCOUVER, BC - Improved cycling facilities are not just for cyclists – people who use power wheelchairs, e-bikes and mobility scooters have seen significant benefits in accessibility from new bike lanes and paths in the City of Vancouver. Leaders in the disability community and seniors are voicing their support for major investment in cycling facilities via a new video: http://youtu.be/HO0elVbgouk
The BC Cycling Coalition (BCCC) is calling for $75 million a year in provincial funding to implement comprehensive cycling improvements outlined in their Cycling Strategy for BC. ”Investing in better cycling facilities and safety education will bring widespread benefits to BC communities and all of its residents – including people with disabilities and the elderly,” said Craig Langston, vice-president of the Cerebral Palsy Association of B.C.”I get around on a power wheelchair – it goes a lot faster than is safe on crowded sidewalks and I used to have to creep along in Downtown.” added Langston, who sits on the Disability Advisory committees for the cities of Vancouver and Burnaby, and for TransLink.  ”On the new separated cycle routes, I can travel at the same speed as slower cyclists and get around more efficiently. Cycle tracks are not just for cyclists or for the young and athletic.” 
“I’m 63 years old and I started riding an electric-assist bicycle three years ago. I love the freedom and mobility that it gives me, but there are plenty of areas where I still feel unsafe riding.” says Fiona Walsh, Board Member for HUB: Your Cycling Connection. “We want better cycling facilities so that everyone – from eight to eighty years old – can ride their bike and feel safe and comfortable.”
The Cycling Strategy for BC calls for greater investment in cycling facilities, improved road user safety education for cyclists & drivers and clearer regulations in the Motor Vehicle Act around the use of cycling facilities by electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters.
“Streets that are bike-friendly improve safety, mobility and accessibility for citizens of all ages and abilities – including families with children, pedestrians, people with mobility issues and even drivers.” says Richard Campbell, President of the BC Cycling Coalition. “This is a wise investment that benefits everyone – not just the cycling community.”
For more information about the Cycling Strategy for BC, visit http://bccc.bc.ca/election/.
About the BC Cycling Coalition

The BC Cycling Coalition (BCCC) is the leading provincial voice for cycling working with governments and other organizations to enable more people of all ages ride bicycles more often for transportation, recreation and tourism. The BCCC and its twelve member organizations represent thousands of people who cycle in communities across B.C.


Visit http://bccc.bc.ca/election to learn more about the Cycling Strategy for BC.


Available Interviews

Craig Langston, Vice President,  Cerebral Palsy Association of B.C.

ph. 604 614 4423


 Richard Campbell, President,
B.C. Cycling Coalition
ph. 778.891.1764


Fiona Walsh, Board Member,
HUB: Your Cycling Connection 
ph.  604 980 8436


 Media Resources

Video featuring Craig Langston and Fiona Walsh available at http://youtu.be/HO0elVbgouk

Photos and b-roll available upon request


Media Contact

Richard Campbell

President, BC Cycling Coalition

Cell: 778-891-1764

Email: [email protected]



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First #BCbikechat Storify Recap

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Public Dialogue: “Serious Cash for Cycling” May 2nd 2013

The British Columbia Cycling Coalition (BCCC) is hosting a panel discussion about the future of funding for cycling in BC. This election, cycling organizations are endorsing a Provincial Cycling Strategy which includes the recommendation that the province invest $75 million a year to improve cycling facilities and provide education for people of all ages and abilities. Isn’t it time to make this kind of serious investment in cycling?


Please join our three panelists as they discuss the future of cycling funding in BC:

  • Richard Campbell, President of the British Columbia Cycling Coalition
  • Erin O’Melinn, Executive Director of HUB:Your Cycling Connection
  • John Richards, School of Public Policy, SFU, Harbour Centre

What: Free Public Dialogue about the Future of Cycling Funding in BC

Where: Simon Fraser University, Harbour Centre, Rm 1600

When: May 2nd from 12:30 to 2:00pm.


Space is limited, so please register here.


Read more about the BCCC’s Provincial Cycling Strategy in the Candidate Brief



For those not based in the Lower Mainland, the first hour of the panel discussion will be webcast for viewing across the province. To view the webcast visit http://creative-services.sfu.ca/broadcast/. The broadcast will take place 12:30-1:30. You can also participate in the discussion and ask questions using the hashtag #cashforcycling.

If you are interested in making a donation to support the webcast, or have any leads please email [email protected]

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