John Hathaway Bequest Boosts Hazard Removal and Maintenance Action Plan

Kick Off Meeting at BCCC Conference


At their AGM on October 6, the BC Randonneurs approved the granting of the John Hathaway Bequest to the British Columbia Cycling Coalition (BCCC) for the first phase of Cycling Hazard Removal and Maintenance Action Plan. John Hathaway, a founding member of the BC Randonneurs, bequeathed funds to the club, with the stipulation it be used to for an activity that supported the development of cycling. “The BCCC is honoured to receive the John Hathaway Bequest. Our deepest thanks to Mr. Hathaway, his family and the BC Randonneurs for this generous contribution. This will really help in our efforts to make B.C roads safer for people who cycle.”

John Hathaway – Photo:BC Randonneurs

John Hathaway was a man to whom the bicycle, and bicycle travel, meant everything.  He raced in his youth.  He tackled Guinness records by riding around the world.  He rode through good conditions and bad, and road usability and accessibility was a major consideration in his adventures.  “John would have been proud to support the BCCC in their endeavour to improve the safety of cyclists on BC roads.”, states Stephen Hinde, Vice President of the BC Randonneurs, “The BC Randonneurs are also proud to support John’s wishes through this bequest.”

People cycling in British Columbia routinely face a variety of hazards on roads and other cycling facilities throughout the Province. These hazards include debris, gravel, dirt, potholes, poorly maintained shoulders, improperly installed rumble strips, poorly designed railway crossings and roads not designed to safely accommodate cycling. These hazards can and do lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Improved hazard removal and maintenance is one of the key components of the BCCC’s proposed comprehensive provincial cycling strategy.

This effort will start off with kickoff meeting at the BCCC’s Annual Conference on October 27  2:00-3:30 PM at  the Accent Inns in Burnaby. Over the next few months, we will consult with members of the BC Randonneurs, the BCCC and our member groups to determine and meet with government officials and other stakeholders to further understand what the issues and policiesare around the province. We will also research best practices from other jurisdictions.

A report detailing the findings and a brief highlighting the problems and recommendations distributed to government officials, the BC Randonneurs, other stakeholders, our members and the media. We will then meet with politicians and government officials to encouraging them to take action. The BCCC website will be updated with current government policies, who to contact for hazards and maintenance problems and our recommendations.

Future phases of the program include development of the capacity for the BCCC and other cycling groups to follow through to ensure the problems are addressed both at the policy and operational levels. Other possibilities include the development of a mobile website or app to report hazards and incidents dependent on the BCCC being able to secure the resources needed for the development and ongoing operation and upgrade of such tools.

For more information or to get involved, goto: http://bccc.bc.ca/hazards/

For information on John Hathaway please visit the BC Randonneurs website: http://www.randonneurs.bc.ca/writings/bios/john-hathaway.html

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AGM Notice

This year’s AGM will be taking place on Saturday October 26th. The AGM is free to attend for all conference delegates, the general public, and all BCCC members. If you are not a member, please support our efforts to improve cycling in BC by joining the BCCC.

This is an exciting anniversary as we celebrate 15 years as an organization in British Columbia. We look forward to having you join in our celebration.

Saturday October 26th 2013
3777 Henning Dr, Accent Inns, Burnaby, BC

We are looking for people who are dedicated to moving cycling forward in B.C. to join our board of directors.

Members are invited to stay and attend our Annual Conference’s keynote address on the topic of “Working with Advocates: the perspectives of a former city councillor” from 3:30-5:00pm.


Previous AGMs
2012 Victoria, BC
2011 Fulford, Salt Spring Island, BC
2010 Delta, BC

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Call for Directors – Help Move Cycling Forward in BC

The British Columbia Cycling Coalition (BCCC) is seeking individuals dedicated to moving cycling forward to stand for nomination to our board of directors at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday October 26, 2013 from 2:00-3:30pm.

About the BCCC

The British Columbia Cycling Coalition (BCCC) is a registered Non-Profit Society whose members are cycling organizations individuals and throughout the province. We are dedicated to the implementation and improvement of policies and programs that will encourage more people of all ages and abilities to cycle for transportation, recreation and tourism.
The organization is currently volunteer run with the majority of work being performed by members of the board of directors. We are in the process of  transitioning to a model where day-to-day operations are managed by staff and volunteers while the board provides organizational and advocacy leadership and governance. This transition, however, will likely consume a significant amount of board time over the next two years.

Key Initiatives

In the coming year, efforts will be focused on the following initiatives:

Provincial Cycling Strategy – Safety and Encouragement

· Advocating for more funding for all ages infrastructure and education
· Advocating for better hazard removal and maintenance on roads and bicycle paths
· Developing a hazard reporting web site and mobile app
· Improved and increased education for cyclists and drivers
· Updates to the Motor Vehicle Act to improve cycling safety and encourage more people to cycle

Cycling Tourism

· Encouraging the Province to implement a comprehensive cycling tourism strategy
· Mapping existing and proposed cycling tourism routes
· The developing and offering of cycling tours

Experience and Skills

To move the organization and these initiatives forward, we are seeking people who are passionate about cycling to provide leadership, experience and advice in one or more of the following areas:


· The refinement of fundraising strategy
· Foundation and corporate grants, donations and memberships

Organizational Development

· Development strategies
· Reorganization and measures needed to support staff
· Volunteer coordination


· Contacts in governments, non profit groups and bicycle, tourism and consulting industries
· Ability to quickly make new contacts and connections

Membership Development

· The development of a membership strategy
· Corporate and individual membership recruitment


· Government relations
· Organizing and coordinating grassroots campaigns


· Software product development and management
· GIS systems and mobile app development

Time Requirements

Board business - Basic board business will require an average of one hour per week and consist mainly of responding to email messages on organizational business.
Additional Responsibilities - In addition, board members can undertake further organizational responsibilities as detailed above as their time allows.
Board Meetings – Monthly electronic meetings and one in person strategic planning meeting per year on a weekend.
Board nominees are encouraged but not required to attend the AGM and Annual Conference on October 25th-27, 2013.


If you are interested or would like more information, please contact:
Richard Campbell
Board Recruitment Committee
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Announcing a New Blog for the BCCC’s CycloTouringBC Program

As part of development of a cyclotouring program for BC, there is a need for a social place for cyclotourists where cyclists can seek information; look at maps; ask questions and get responses; leave comments and rate routes, accommodations, and services; relate and share their cyclotouring experiences; and so on.

This blog (http://www.cyclotouringbc.com/wordpress) will evolve to that and then be joined by a website (http://www.cyclotouringbc.com). The blog will be the “daily newspaper” on cycling touring in BC. The website will be the place to get information.

The first cycling touring article has been published. George Forshaw wrote an article on his cycling touring trip on the Princeton Subdivision of the Kettle Valley Railway.

Have you undertaken a trip that you want to document and have posted on the blog? Then send the article and pictures to [email protected]

If you wish to become a frequent or regular contributor to the website, then contact [email protected]

If there are some routes, corridors, or municipalities that you have found especially interesting to experience as a cyclotourist, then share those with us at [email protected]

The blog is still in the development phase and will undergo changes during the next few months. Provide us with any feedback on what should be in the blog; what needs changing, and so on at [email protected]

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Invitation to CycloTouringBC 2013 Workshop

A workshop that will be held as part of the BCCC Conference (October 25 to 27):

On October 27, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am

Session 1: Opportunity and Vision for a BC CycloTouring Program (8:30 am to 10:00 am)

Session 2: Shaping the CycloTouring Program (10:00 am to 11:30 pm)

Location: Accent Inn, 3777 Henning Dr, Accent Inns, Burnaby, BC

The BCCC has been developing a vision and a program for encouraging significant growth of cycling tourism in British Columbia. You are invited to participate, reflect on the BCCC’s work to date, and help shape this program by attending this workshop, which is part of the BCCC Conference.

Quebec has La Route Verté. Ontario has Welcome Cyclists. The USA has the US Bicycle Route System. Oregon has Cycle Oregon.

British Columbia has magnificent mountains, sprawling seas, towering forests, soaring eagles, and a province prime for a cyclotouring experience.

The BCCC wants to make BC the global, premier cycling province with its CycloTouringBC program by working towards significantly increasing the amount of cyclotouring and increasing the contribution that cyclotourism makes to local economies of cities and towns that cyclists pass through.

Time for you to get involved, support the initiative, provide your insight, and contribute your cyclotouring experience.

The BCCC wants to develop a tourism sector initiative for this province for cycling touring. This initiative will focus on developing a program concentrating on the needs of current and future cyclotourists. Through the program the BCCC will encourage provincial and municipal governments, as well as, local tourism associations, businesses, that benefit from cycling, and local cycling groups to become part of the initiative.

The initiative will encompass identification of routes and corridors; cycling touring support programs; understanding what it takes to tour in BC; planning for touring; producing maps; selecting accommodations and interesting places to visit along the way; supportive infrastructure for touring; access to publications supporting touring; and an Internet social place for cyclotourists for seeking information, asking for advice, leaving comments, and dialoguing cyclotouring experiences.

BCCC Contact Director for the Workshop: Jack Becker [email protected]

To attend the conference register here

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