NDP Leadership Candidate Mike Farnworth on Cycling

In response to the BCCC’s request for NDP Leadership candidate Mike Farnworth’s positions on cycling, his campaign forwarded us the press release below. In the candidate survey, we requested that they indicate the level of funding they support for cycling. Farnworth is the first leadership candidate to specify a dollar amount for walking and cycling. From the press release below:

A $50-million investment fund to cost-share safe cycling and walking infrastructures with local governments

We asked his campaign for clarification regarding the investment and in particular, what period it would be over. Here is their response:

Our expectation is that this would be an annual investment but at this point it is being put forward as an initial commitment. 

 Here is the press release:

Farnworth announces green transportation plan to reduce emissions, raise productivity, and improve health

April 7, 2011
(Surrey) — NDP Leadership candidate Mike Farnworth today announced an ambitious plan for a green mobility shift in B.C. communities.
“Early on in our party’s leadership campaign, I announced my comprehensive environmental plan to move B.C. on a sustainable path and invest in zero-emission transportation as part of my climate action agenda. Today I’m proposing further measures to make green mobility a reality in regions across B.C.,” said Farnworth.
A former municipal councillor and outspoken champion of building the Evergreen Line to the Tri-Cities, Farnworth said that communities across B.C. cannot build sustainable transport without an ongoing partnership with the province.
Farnworth’s plan includes:
  • Investing carbon and fuel tax revenues in rapid transit on key corridors;
  • Allowing regions and communities greater decision-making for transportation planning;
  • A $50-million investment fund to cost-share safe cycling and walking infrastructures with local governments; and,
  • Pursuing a cost-sharing agreement with federal government on capital funding for zero-emission transport.
“A commitment to invest in zero-emission rapid transit in growing urban regions is long overdue,” said Farnworth. “Low-impact mobility options will also help meet legally binding greenhouse gas emission reduction targets mandated by the province.”
NDP Environment Critic and Victoria-Swan Lake MLA Rob Fleming said Farnworth’s vision for green transportation is another example of the forward-looking policies that will give him an advantage going into the election.
“Mike has not only the best profile with party members and voters, but his green commitments will strengthen our ability to reach out to all progressive voters who want to see real change in this province,” said Fleming. “If we want to see these environmental policies in action, we need to elect Mike Farnworth as our leader.”

Mike Farnworth for Leader, BC NDP


Thanks to Mike and his campaign for the reply. The BCCC requested responses from all NDP and Liberal leadership Candidates. We will post the responses from other leadership candidates as we receive them. If any of the political parties send us a position on cycling, we will post it as well.

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    ICBC needs to be be overhauled.
    Insurance rates must rise and their is a big need for pay as you go type insurance.
    If I use my automobile for 3 days a month, I have to pay twice as much as someone who drives everyday.
    Also, if they have a surplus, the money goes to transit, not back to customers.
    Give money to help with bike purchases
    Pedestrians truly suffer from having to share passageways with automobiles. Noise, toxic exhaust and stress are very unhealthy.
    Bus stops need to be beautified with more trees and horticulture and time charts provided at most stops
    Montreal has time indicators for pedestrians at crossings
    At Coquitlam Centre Bus Loop there are no washrooms
    no trees and shelter is limited
    Buses should go into malls for pickup, not just stop outside the mall, making people wait besidde those congested roads.
    Many areas in suburbs now have 8 to 10 lanes for pedestrians to cross. Very very scary and life threatening for seniors and people with children
    Where do drivers think their exhaust goes?
    Straight into the faces and lungs of our little ones is the first answer.