NDP Leadership Candidate John Horgan on Cycling

Here is the response from NDP Leadership Candidate John Horgan regarding cycling.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to respond to the BC Cycling Coalition survey. As many of the questions relate to government spending, it is premature for me to make any fiscal commitments at this time.

That being said, as a recreational cyclist and as an advocate for alternatives to conventional automobile transportation, I have stated that as premier I will focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, explore real transportation alternatives and expand energy conservation efforts.

I am uniquely familiar with transportation, traffic and congestion issues because these are major concerns in my own constituency of Juan de Fuca. I am a frequent cyclist along the Galloping Goose Regional Trail, which runs through my constituency, and I have long been an advocate of light rail transportation between Victoria and the Western Communities.

I have announced a variety of measures in my environmental plan (please see http://www.horganforbc.ca/john-horgans-plan-bcs-environment) including investment in regional transit and working with municipal governments to encourage smart urban growth. Of course, this will include creating opportunities for increased cycling and pedestrian mobility. As well, in order to move people out of cars and to encourage them to embrace alternative forms of transportation, we will ensure that cycling and pedestrian traffic are both safe and enjoyable for British Columbians of all ages, wherever they live and work.

As a side note, as a young cub scout I was very proud to earn a ‘cycling badge’ and believe strongly that cycling skills and road safety should be part of the K-12 curriculum. 

John Horgan
Horgan for BC

250 812 8907
Web: http://www.horganforbc.ca
E-Mail: [email protected]

Thanks to John and his campaign for the reply. The BCCC requested responses from all NDP and Liberal leadership Candidates. We will post the responses from other leadership candidates as we receive them. If any of the political parties send us a position on cycling, we will post it as well.

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