Monthly Donation - Help Us Make Cycling Safer & More Convenient

For over 16 years the BC Cycling Coalition has been the leading provincial voice for people who cycle. By supporting us, you are really helping our efforts to enable everyone to around the province to cycle safely for their daily trips, recreation and tourism.

Your ongoing monthly donations will be much appreciated. This commitment will help provide more certainty for our campaigns, advocacy efforts and programs.

Over the next few months, we are focusing on encouraging the Provincial Government to invest $100 million/year in networks of bikes paths, protected bike lanes, and sidewalks in communities around BC as well as safer facilities on highways and bridges.

We are also encouraging them to:

  • Improve the Motor Vehicle Act to include a Safer Passing Distance law and allowing riding two abreast
  • Save the Trans Canada Trail and other trails from motorized vehicles
  • Reduce hazards on roads and paths
  • Support cycling education
  • Support cycling tourism

Your contribution is critical to help make this happen.

If you would like to become a monthly member, please click here. To make a one-time donation, please click here.

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