Mayors Approve Cycling and Transit Funding!

Great news! Metro Vancouver mayors voted overwhelmingly in favour of funding for improved transit and cycling with 16 voting for and only 6 voting against. Thanks to the mayors who supported the funding; those of you who emailed and phoned them; and to the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition for spreading the word to their members!
Support the Mayors Who Voted for the Funding
Especially with an election coming up soon, it is important to support these mayors who showed bold leadership by volunteering and donating to their campaigns. I suspect the provincial government will be watching the municipal elections carefully. If the mayors who voted for the funding are reelected, this will help give both provincial and regional politicians the mandate they need to provide further funding for the other transit and cycling improvements that the region so badly needs. This includes increasing cycling funding to at least $23 million a year, the UBC Line and rapid transit in Surrey.
Good News for the Whole Province
This decision is also important to the rest of the province where cycling and transit improvements are also badly needed. With success in the Lower Mainland, the province will likely be more inclined to give other regions the funding sources that they need to improve sustainable transportation.
Email Premier Clark
As the next step, the approval of the 2 cent gas tax, is up to the provincial government, it is a good idea to send a message of support to Premier Clark who has said her government will approve the tax and work with the mayors to find an alternative to the property tax:
Hon. Christy Clark [email protected]  and cc: [email protected]
The mayors, chief and councilors who supported the funding are:
Anmore – Mayor Heather Anderson, [email protected] 
Belcarra – Mayor Ralph Drew, [email protected] 
Bowen Island – Councillor Peter Frinton, [email protected]
Coquitlam – Mayor Richard Stewart, [email protected]
Langley City – Mayor Peter Fassbender, [email protected]
Lion’s Bay – Mayor Brenda Broughton, [email protected]
Maple Ridge – Mayor Ernie Daykin, [email protected]
North Vancouver City - Councillor Bob Fearnley, [email protected]
North Vancouver District – Mayor Richard Walton, [email protected]
Port Coquitlam – Mayor Greg Moore, [email protected]
Port Moody – Mayor Joe Trasolini [email protected] 
Surrey – Mayor Dianne Watts, [email protected]
Tsawwassen First Nation – Chief Kim Baird, [email protected] 
Vancouver –  Mayor Gregor Robertson, [email protected]
West Vancouver – Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, [email protected]
White Rock – Mayor Catherine Ferguson, [email protected]
Those who voted against the funding are:
Burnaby – Mayor Derek Corrigan, [email protected]
Richmond – Mayor Malcolm Brodie, [email protected]
Langley Township – Rick Green, [email protected]
Delta – Mayor Lois Jackson, [email protected]
Pitt Meadows – Mayor Don MacLean, [email protected]
New Westminster – Mayor Wayne, Wright, [email protected]
Media Coverage
As usual, the anti-tax anti-everything crowd is busy in the comment sections. Never hurts to throw some pro transit and cycling comments into the mix.

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    it seems like the mayors that voted against already 'have' their paths & trails in place..but as a regular rider in all sectors of this city much more needs to be done to upgrade their routes..eg. Bby trails all have roots growing over most trails making for a quite uncomfortable ride..Delta.. tear it down & start over!!