Links to the Presentations at the CycloTouringBC 2013 Workshop

The BCCC is undertaking an initiative to encourage growth of cycle touring in the province in order to provide significant contributions to the local economies of cities, towns, and villages. As part of this sector initiative, a CycloTouringBC Workshop was held on Oct. 27, 2013-10-27 at the Accent Inns in Burnaby.
The themes for the Workshop sessions were “Opportunity and Vision for a BC CycloTouring Program” and “Shaping the CycloTouring Program” and was an opportunity for the attendees to provide their feedback and thoughts on the work done to date. If you have some thoughts that you wish to provide us after reviewing the presentation material, send these to [email protected]

Links to the presentations:

Session 1: Opportunity and Vision for a BC CycloTouring Program
Session 2: Shaping the CycloTouring Program
The workshop notes are available here – Oct 27th 2013
If you find the CycloTouringBC initiative interesting and want to be part of it, then take a look at the volunteering opportunities on the blog and contact us at [email protected]
As part of development of a cyclotouring sector initiative for British Columbia, there is a need for a social place for cyclotourists where cyclists can seek information; look at maps; ask questions and get responses; leave comments; rate routes, accommodations, and services; relate and share their cyclotouring experiences; and so on.
This blog (http://www.cyclotouringbc.com/wordpress) will evolve to that and then be joined by a website (http://www.cyclotouringbc.com). The blog will be the “daily newspaper” on cycling touring in BC. The website will be the place to get information.
If you are interested in other presentations from our Annual Conference they are available here.

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