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BCCC is the voice of all cyclists and my support is for BCCC to work cooperatively on expanding bicycling among the people of British Columbia. 

I am longtime cyclist, currently in Nanaimo where I have taken on the Chair of the Greater Nanaimo Cycling Coalition and several board positions with other organizations. 

Originally from Amsterdam, I cycled around the world for 4 years only to be hit by a car in Vancouver. I fell in love with Vancouver and cycled with randonneurs like John Hathaway, Gerry Pareja, Wayne Philips etc, and briefly with Alex Stieda, Brent Mudry, Brian Walton and others before heading back to Europe. I raced competitively there for a few years, worked as a manager of a bike parts manufacturer in the UK, studied marketing and the bicycle trade in Copenhagen and volunteered with the bicycle advocacy movement before emigrating to Canada in 1986. I was in the Yukon for 25 years, started the Yukon Cycling Association and various clubs and other non-profit associations in my spare time. This all while operating an adventure travel business with rafting, canoeing, biking adventures in Alaska the Yukon and northern BC and running an internet marketing consultancy.

After 25 years of community involvement in the Yukon I want to apply my expertise in teaching, tourism, marketing and public relations to the goals and objectives of the BCCC board.

Having developed a number of non-profit community organizations I have some experience on applying skills and strategies to make cycling available to all residents of BC no matter what age or ability.

 I have a keen interest in developing the bicycling tourism in BC and bringing all those involved in the bicycling industry together to grow cycling in the next decade.

I am a strong believer of working cooperatively towards common goals, whether that is working with healthcare professionals, sports governing bodies, transportation experts, government departments and agencies, community organizations and the bicycle industry.



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    A: More funding for bike paths and separate bike lanes in your community

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Born in the mecca of cycling, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Leo has cycled around the world on a 4 year long journey, rode competitively in Europe & North America, worked in bicycle manufacturing & retail before creating the Cycling Association of Yukon
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