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    Thank you so much for your contribution to passing the UBCM resolution in favour of updating the B.C. Motor Vehicle Act. Changing it to become a Road Safety Act that accommodates the full range of road users, including people on foot, bikes, wheelchairs, scooters, horses … everyone (!) is such a step in the right direction. The evidence for lowering speed limits to 30 km/h on neighbourhood streets where so many different users interact is especially compelling, with lots of evidence of injury and death reductions from cities around the world. Hope this will reduce crashes enough to make a noticeable dent in ICBC rates too.

    Mayors & Councillors Pass Motor Vehicle Act Improvements Resolution

    Great news! Resolution B102: Updating the BC Motor Vehicle Act to Improve Safety for All Road Users passed at Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) conference. Thanks to the City of New Westminster for moving this resolution forward.


    While this is a very important step forward, much work still needs to be done to help ensure that the BC Government updates the Motor Vehicle Act to make our roads safer for people walking and cycling.

    Your donation will be a real help enabling us to reach more people and groups who support cycling and engage government officials. Please contribute today! 

    Proposed changes to improve the safety and comfort of people cycling, walking and using a wheelchair include:

    • Change of name of the act, as it applies to all modes, not just motor vehicles
    • Specify minimum passing distance of 1.5m for people cycling, walking and using a wheelchair
    • Legal definitions of bicycle lanes and separated cycling facilities to enable better enforcement against vehicles blocking bike lanes
    • Legalization of bicycle specific signals
    • Allowing riding two abreast 
    • Removal or updated as near to the right clause
    • Enabling cities to create blanket speed limits less than 50 km/h
    • A default speed limit of 30 km/h on local neighbourhood streets (no centre line)

    More information on the proposed changes here.

    Please write your mayor and council thanking them for supporting the changes to the Motor Vehicle Act.





    {{[email protected]&headline=Email your Mayor and Council&introduction=Thank them for supporting Resolution B102: Updating the BC Motor Vehicle Act to Improve Safety for All Road Users at the UBCM conference. Let them know about your scary experiences cycling, walking and using a wheelchair on BC roads.
    Enter your Postal Code to lookup your Mayor and Council &subpage=mva_municipal_email&thermometer=true&thermometer_value_phrase=people have sent emails&postal_code_first=true&to=mayor_and_council.*&cc=government_bc.mlas.port.transportation.*,government_bc.mlas.port.mva.*,mla.local,bccc.member_organization.local,bccc&button_yes=Yes. I Want Improvements to the MVA!&placeholder=Your%20message%20*&show_images=false}}

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    Thank you for supporting safer cycling, walking and using a wheelchair through improvements to the Motor Vehicle Act. Your letter really helps!

    Your message below has been sent to mailer.to and copied to mailer.cc

    Please help us make BC great for cycling:

    Your donation will help us reach more people who are passionate about safe cycling:

    Best Regards



    Please join me in helping to make BC safer for people who cycle, walk and use wheelchairs. Send a email in support of improvements to the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) that will make cycling and walking safer and more comfortable.

    Let your mayor and council know how improvements to the MVA would make cycling, walking and using a wheelchair safer and more enjoyable for you and your family and friends.

    Here is the message I just sent:


    Tell them about your experiences of cycling, walking and using a wheelchair in BC. It only takes a minute or two and will really help make a difference!

    Yes. I support Improvements to the MVA! 



     }}{{action?html=Yes. Improve the Motor Vehicle Act!&tag=MVA - Municipal - Letter&anchor=#mailer&toolbar_button_html=Email Your Mayor and Council}}





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    We need your help for our grassroots efforts to spread information about the referendum and encourage the many people who support cycling, walking and transit to vote Yes.

    We will also be using this opportunity to connect with people who support cycling improvements and complete streets in their communities and engage them in Provincial cycling issues including funding, education and changes to the Motor Vehicle Act.

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    Pledge to Vote YES!

    292 votes

    Imagine that within the next ten years, you, your family and friends can safely and comfortably cycle across the region to work, school, shopping and transit as well as for recreation and exercise. And, when you would rather take transit, there is a bus or a train nearby arriving within a few short minutes.

    Please help make this happen by making a monthly contributiona one-time donation or by volunteering!

    A Yes vote will bring improvements including: 

    ✔️ 2700km of cycling routes including 300km of paths and lanes separated from traffic

    ✔️ $131 million invested in cycling over ten years

    ✔️ Upgrades to the BC Parkway and Central Valley Greenway

    ✔️ Investing in North Shore Spirit Trail, Evergreen Bikeway and routes parallel to rapid transit lines in Surrey and Langley

    ✔️ Improved cycling and walking access to transit stations

    ✔️ Much improved cycling and walking facilities on a new 4 lane Pattullo Bridge

    ✔️ Millennium Line Extension to Arbutus, LRT in Surrey, 25% increase in Bus Service, 11 B-lines, increased capacity on the Expo Line 

    All for only around 35 cents a day per household.

    You can vote via mail-in ballot between March 16 and May 29.

    More info.

    Donate  Volunteer


    ✔️ Safer and Healthier - With less traffic, fewer crashes and more opportunities for walking and cycling, the plan will save around 200 lives and prevent 4000 serious injuries per year. 

    ✔️ Sustainable Environment - Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Air Pollution

    ✔️ Healthy Economy - Keep our economy competitive with faster and more reliable travel and better access to more jobs, workers and markets 

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