Invitation to CycloTouringBC 2013 Workshop

A workshop that will be held as part of the BCCC Conference (October 25 to 27):

On October 27, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am

Session 1: Opportunity and Vision for a BC CycloTouring Program (8:30 am to 10:00 am)

Session 2: Shaping the CycloTouring Program (10:00 am to 11:30 pm)

Location: Accent Inn, 3777 Henning Dr, Accent Inns, Burnaby, BC

The BCCC has been developing a vision and a program for encouraging significant growth of cycling tourism in British Columbia. You are invited to participate, reflect on the BCCC’s work to date, and help shape this program by attending this workshop, which is part of the BCCC Conference.

Quebec has La Route Verté. Ontario has Welcome Cyclists. The USA has the US Bicycle Route System. Oregon has Cycle Oregon.

British Columbia has magnificent mountains, sprawling seas, towering forests, soaring eagles, and a province prime for a cyclotouring experience.

The BCCC wants to make BC the global, premier cycling province with its CycloTouringBC program by working towards significantly increasing the amount of cyclotouring and increasing the contribution that cyclotourism makes to local economies of cities and towns that cyclists pass through.

Time for you to get involved, support the initiative, provide your insight, and contribute your cyclotouring experience.

The BCCC wants to develop a tourism sector initiative for this province for cycling touring. This initiative will focus on developing a program concentrating on the needs of current and future cyclotourists. Through the program the BCCC will encourage provincial and municipal governments, as well as, local tourism associations, businesses, that benefit from cycling, and local cycling groups to become part of the initiative.

The initiative will encompass identification of routes and corridors; cycling touring support programs; understanding what it takes to tour in BC; planning for touring; producing maps; selecting accommodations and interesting places to visit along the way; supportive infrastructure for touring; access to publications supporting touring; and an Internet social place for cyclotourists for seeking information, asking for advice, leaving comments, and dialoguing cyclotouring experiences.

BCCC Contact Director for the Workshop: Jack Becker [email protected]

To attend the conference register here

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