George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project, Phase 2 Consultation

Upcoming Time Deadline – The Government needs your input by April 2

Phase 2 Consultation is under way for the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project. Whether or not you frequently use the tunnel, this is the opportunity for your input. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is trying to narrow down the potential scenarios for further study.

This is the time to push the cycling agenda for a replacement project, including Combined Mobility of transit and bikes.

In addition to the highway-based scenarios put forth by the Ministry, it is also the time to push for additional scenarios that include the existing tunnel and transit alternatives such as light rail, extending the Canada Line, LRT, etc, which can carry bicycles.

Information packages for his consultation are available at http://engage.gov.bc.ca/masseytunnel/

PLEASE COMPLETE THE SURVEY BY APRIL 2, 2013 AT http://fluidsurveys.com/s/masseytunnel/

Some Comments

For the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project consultation, the British Columbia Cycling Coalition input to the survey will reflect the Coalition’s perspective of Cycling for Transportation and cycling as an alternative mode of transportation for motorists to consider. The Coalition’s interests include a provincial-wide highway (right-of-way) infrastructure and network for people of all cycling skills and preferences to cycle in any part of British Columbia; a provincial network for cycling touring, which contributes to the local economies where cyclists pass through; and support for capacity within the province for Combined Mobility of transit and cycling (and public transportation), usually where cycling is a feeder to transit.

Too Early for Reducing the Number of Scenarios

It appears too early to focus on narrowing down a number of road based alternatives when there is lack of knowledge on future use of the tunnel, including road usage, traffic patterns, BC Ferry future and impact on the local terminal, and impacts of a number of significant factors, including roads being built on traffic volumes and patterns for the future.

It may be more prudential for the province to proceed on upgrading the tunnel to the level of Scenario 1 – Maintain Existing Tunnel and then study the need for the tunnel over the next few years as other factors evolve, including the affordability of individuals to drive, now and in the future years at all income levels.

Alternatives Not Included in this Consultation

There should be an alternative that consists of Scenario 1 – Maintain existing tunnel and provide an Active Transportation option, including semi or rapid transit serving the area south of the Fraser River, including the communities along the way to the Tsawwassen ferry dock and the U.S.A. border.

Provisions for Additional Usage of the Highway Right-of-Way

Also, the wide right-of-way of Highway 99 provides an opportunity for fast train trackage south to the border, which can also be used to service the communities within Metro Vancouver along the way.

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