Finance Committee Recommends Eliminating the PST on Electric Bikes

Following our submission in October, the recommendations of BC Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services included eliminating PST on electric assist bicycles.

While this is definitely good progress, it is only a recommendation to the B.C. Government.

Please help make sure they eliminate the PST from electric bikes:

Write the Premier and Ministers

Currently in B.C. bicycles and transportation fares are exempt from PST charges, and clean energy vehicles are eligible for rebates up to $5,000. Purchases of new electric bicycles, and their electric parts, are charged PST, and are not eligible for rebates. In addition to this not being very fair or equitable, the PST on electric bikes is also a real hassle for bike shops when they are repaited as PST is charged on the electrical parts but not the other parts of a bike.

The recommendation is on page 78 of the Report on the Budget 2019 Consultation:

95. Encourage the use of electric, cargo and adaptive bicycles by eliminating the PST on electric assist bicycles.

The report includes some of our input on electric bikes on page 73:

The British Columbian Cycling Coalition further identified opportunities to extend cycling as a transportation
option for more people with the use of electric, cargo and adaptive bicycles. Electric bicycles can increase the
number and length of cycling trips, and enable people with physical challenges to cycle for transportation.
Cargo bicycles, on the other hand, help people to carry children or larger loads on their bicycles, and can be
used by businesses for deliveries. They recommended exempting these bicycles from the PST to encourage
their adoption and use.

By enabling more people to cycle further for more trips, electric bikes can also help B.C. meet its climate goals.

More information

B.C. Budget Submission - Cycling and Walking are Affordable Mass Transportation |BC Cycling Coalition

Electric Bicycles - Affordable Healthy Clean Transportation | BC Cycling Coalition

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