Encourage Premier Clark to Support Cycling

Please send a message to Premier Clark at the address below indicating your strong support for a comprehensive Provincial Cycling Strategy including investment in high quality cycling facilities, education, promotion and legislation including a revised Motor Vehicle Act that places the priority on the safety of cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

Other Ministers involved in cycling issues include:
Hon. Blair Lekstrom - Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure

Hon. Kevin Falcon - Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance
Hon. Michael de Jong, Q.C.- Minister of Health
Hon. Dr. Terry Lake - Minister of Environment
Hon. Ida Chong - Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
Hon. Patrick Bell - Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation

The benefits of cycling and the BCCC’s recommendations are detailed in Realizing the Benefits of Accelerated Investment in Cycling and summarized in Investing in a Healthy Future. The cornerstone of these recommendations is the four year investment of $175 million dollars per year totalling $700 million to fund family friendly bicycle paths, separated bike lanes and other high quality cycling facilities in communities and on provincial roads throughout BC.

Premier Clark and her ministers are likely working on a new budget so now is a great time to recommend greater investment in cycling. Your message could include some or all of the following:

  • What this investment and the other recommendations and improved cycling would mean for you, your family and your community
  • The highlighting of the recommendations that are important to you, your family or your community
  • Specific cycling facilities you would like to see built
  • Stories on what new cycling facilities have meant to you and your community
  • Stories about impact of the lack of cycling facilities in your community
  • Cycling education and skills training for adults, children
  • Updating the Motor Vehicle Act to improve the safety and comfort of cyclists and pedestrians
  • The economic benefits of cycling and cycling tourism

Hon. Christy Clark [email protected] 

Please cc your MLA. You can find their email address at: http://www.leg.bc.ca/mla/3-1-1.htm

As well, cc:
[email protected][email protected][email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],[email protected], [email protected][email protected], [email protected]

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