Donate to Coordinate!

The transportation referendum ballots are arriving in mailboxes over the next few days. This is a critical time to make sure people are registered to vote and encourage them to vote Yes.

With the help of dedicated volunteers, we have already talked with thousands of people at transit stations and events like the Vancouver Bike Show; along streets and bike ways and by phone.

One-on-one engagement is critical. The vast majority of people we have talked with are supportive. However, quite a few people aren't aware of the referendum or the details of the plan. We also are making sure that folks who support cycling and transit know how to register to vote.

The response has been fantastic. There are lots of folks interested in volunteering to get the vote out!

However, it takes time and resources to coordinate neighbourhood teams to engage people along bike routes, on streets, at events and at transit stations in their community. 

So please help out. Donate to coordinate!

GOAL: $3,000.00