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Cycling Safety Through Collision Reduction

We’ve been working on a comprehensive safety strategy for awhile now and here it is. Let us know what you think. It is based on what has proven to be successful in countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands where, as shown in the chart below, cycling levels are really high and cycling fatality rates [...]


Vote for Worst Roads for Cycling in BCAA Survey

Surprise, yet another post on voting. BCAA has kindly included bicycle facilities in their Worst Roads survey. This is a great opportunity to highlight poor cycling facilities in BC. When voting, under Description of road problems chose Poor/no bicycle paths A couple that come to mind in the Lower Mainland are the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge  and United Blvd. [...]


Politicians Interfering with ICBC Plans To Improve Safety

The response has been quick. The few reckless and aggressive drivers who cause the majority of crashes, injuries and deaths, were complaining on the airwaves this morning upon hearing about ICBC’s plans to reduce rates for good drivers while increasing them for risky drivers. Excessive speed and reckless driving are serious threats to cyclists, pedestrians [...]

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Moving Cycling Forward Forum in Parksville

Calling all cyclists and interested members of the public in the Parkville, Qualicum Beach, Nanaimo and Campbell River areas. The British Columbia Cycling Coalition (BCCC) in conjunction with new Oceanside Cycling Coalition are pleased to hold a cycling forum and networking meeting focused on moving cycling forward in the region and the province. Sunday, May [...]

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VOTE May 2!

Great to see huge interest in the federal election! The Federal Election and Cycling was the most popular blog posting so far. Looks like people are convinced there is a major role that the Federal Government can play in improving cycling. It looks to be a real nail-biter too. Some of the latest polls have the [...]

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The Federal Election and Cycling

No shortage of opportunities to get involved in politics these days. The provincial leadership races are almost over, only the BC Conservatives still need to pick a leader. There will be a by-election in Point Grey soon and municipal elections in the fall. More about these in future posts. Today’s topic is the Federal Election [...]


NDP Leadership Candidates on Cycling

The NDP leadership race is in the final stretch with the advanced poll taking place from April 11 to 16 followed by the election day and the Leadership Assembly on April 17. To help compare the candidate’s positions on cycling, here are the posts containing their responses in the order we received them:John Horgan Adrian [...]

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NDP Leadership Candidate Mike Farnworth on Cycling

In response to the BCCC’s request for NDP Leadership candidate Mike Farnworth’s positions on cycling, his campaign forwarded us the press release below. In the candidate survey, we requested that they indicate the level of funding they support for cycling. Farnworth is the first leadership candidate to specify a dollar amount for walking and cycling. [...]

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Support a National Cycling Strategy to Help Curb Childhood Obesity

Governments across Canada including the Province of BC, have started a dialog on childhood obesity. Our Health Our Future, a National Dialog on Healthy Weight. They are encouraging all British Columbians to participate. There is an on-line forum where people and groups can submit ideas and vote on ideas submitted by others. Please vote for the [...]

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