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Safety and Speed Review Needs to Ensure Cycling Safety is Improved

  The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is undertaking a Safety and Speed Review of highways between communities in B.C. One outcome could be the raising of speed on highways, many of which are popular cycling routes and in many cases, the only reasonable route. The British Columbia Cycling Coalition has strong concerns about traffic speeds [...]

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De Facto Fiasco

The British Columbia Court of Appeal has produced a brand new decision involving two cars which adversely impacts a cyclist’s ability to pass vehicles on the right. Not only does the decision represent another nail in the passing on the right coffin, it underscores the necessity for legislative change. The facts of the case were [...]

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Uninsured Motorists – The Bane of Cyclists Everywhere

Many motorists choose to carry the minimum liability insurance coverage. This is to save money, though the difference between minimum and maximum Third Party Liability coverage is often less than $100.00 annually. In British Columbia the minimum liability coverage is $200,000.00. However, in some jurisdictions in the United States, for example California, a driver can [...]

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Controlling Uncontrolled Intersections

In a recent decision involving a 7 year old cyclist, the Supreme Court of British Columbia considered the law relating to uncontrolled intersections.  The case was a re-trial of an action for damages sustained by the boy who alleged he was struck by the Defendant’s vehicle while proceeding through an uncontrolled intersection.   The case [...]

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Top 10 List of Do’s and Dont’s After a Crash

The things people do and say following a traffic accident are often given significant weight by a judge or jury during the trial process. Underlying the theory of evidence is the notion that the further one is from the event in issue, the more inherently unreliable is the recollection of that event, given the impact [...]

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