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Politicians Interfering with ICBC Plans To Improve Safety

The response has been quick. The few reckless and aggressive drivers who cause the majority of crashes, injuries and deaths, were complaining on the airwaves this morning upon hearing about ICBC’s plans to reduce rates for good drivers while increasing them for risky drivers. Excessive speed and reckless driving are serious threats to cyclists, pedestrians [...]

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The End of the Line for Rail on Vancouver Island? Vancouver Island needs you now!

The rail system on Vancouver Island is in a make or break situation. The owners of the railway corridor, the Island Corridor Foundation (ICF), have requested $15 million in funding from the provincial and federal governments. Without this cash infusion, the system that has operated for 125 years on Vancouver Island will bite the dust. [...]

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Encourage Premier Clark to Support Cycling

Please send a message to Premier Clark at the address below indicating your strong support for a comprehensive Provincial Cycling Strategy including investment in high quality cycling facilities, education, promotion and legislation including a revised Motor Vehicle Act that places the priority on the safety of cyclists and other vulnerable road users. Other Ministers involved in cycling [...]

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NDP Leadership Candidate Adrian Dix on Cycling

Here is the response from NDP Leadership Candidate Adrian Dix to our cycling survey. Adrian is the first leadership candidate from either party to complete the survey. 1. How often do you ride a bicycle per month?  I actually don’t cycle. I run, walk and use transit for most of my urban/suburban travel.  2. What [...]


NDP Leadership Candidate John Horgan on Cycling

Here is the response from NDP Leadership Candidate John Horgan regarding cycling. Thank you very much for the opportunity to respond to the BC Cycling Coalition survey. As many of the questions relate to government spending, it is premature for me to make any fiscal commitments at this time. That being said, as a recreational [...]

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Support a National Cycling Strategy to Help Curb Childhood Obesity

Governments across Canada including the Province of BC, have started a dialog on childhood obesity. Our Health Our Future, a National Dialog on Healthy Weight. They are encouraging all British Columbians to participate. There is an on-line forum where people and groups can submit ideas and vote on ideas submitted by others. Please vote for the [...]

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Encourage Leadership Candidates to Support Cycling

Three political parties, the BC NDP, BC Liberals and BC Conservative Party are in the midst of readership races. This is an excellent opportunity to engage and educate these political leaders on cycling. Please contact them through the links below and encourage them to support cycling. Volunteering on their campaigns and going to campaign events [...]

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BCCC Priorities for 2011

The newly minted Board of Directors of the BC Cycling Coalition held its first meeting in Vancouver on January 22. As a brand new Board member, I have to say I felt honoured to meet some of the bastions of cycling activism in BC! Present were Jack Becker (President), Colin Brander (Treasurer), Peter Stary (Secretary), [...]

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