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Vote for Cycling on November 19

Please vote and encourage 10 of your friends to vote in the civic elections on November 19th. Phone them, text them, email them, buy them brunch or dinner or for that special friend, invite them on a vote date. Nothing says love like voting for improved cycling and safety. Go to your city’s web site [...]


Urge Your Mayor to Vote for Transit and Cycling Funding

On October 7, the Metro Vancouver Mayors Council will be voting on the funding package for TransLink’s Moving Forward Plan. This package includes an increase in cycling funding from $3 million to $6 million per year, a key step to the $23 million per year that TransLink is proposing to met regional transportation goals. Please [...]

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Writing Letters to Elected Officials

Letters can be a very effective way of convincing public officials to address an issue. For each letter received, They often assume that several hundred other people feel the same about the issue. Here are a few tips. Addressing Elected Officials Politicians need to concern themselves more with the big picture and are interested in [...]

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Urge Your Mayor and Council to Support Cycling Resolutions at UBCM

There are a couple of important cycling policy resolutions recommending bike lane sweeping and safe routes along highways that will be voted on at the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) Convention September 26 – 30 in Vancouver. Thanks to Delta and the Sunshine Coast Regional District for proposing them. Please contact your mayor and council and urge them to [...]

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Cycling Investment Elsewhere

As summarized in the following table, jurisdictions around the world are investing significant amounts in cycling infrastructure. Some such as the Netherlands and Copenhagen already have high cycling mode shares and require investment to address capacity and safety issues. Others, such Winnipeg, Seville and Sydney, Australia, that have cycling mode shares lower than Vancouver, have [...]

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Help Save the KVR Trail from ATVs

The Kettle Valley Railway Trail is being threatened by ATVs. They destroy the surface of the trail and create ruts making it very difficult to cycle on. Photo - From Trails BC: Trails BC is expressing concern about a recent petition and a letter writing campaign by the provincial motor sports sectors, lobbying the provincial [...]

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Five is the New Twenty – The Advantages of Quickly Completing Cycling Networks

Often a city or town will produce a fairly good cycling network plan. Due to financial considerations, the implementation plan will call for a route or two a year to be built. At that rate, it could take twenty to thirty to complete the network. The first bicycle path will open with a fair amount [...]

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The Battle of Hastings – The Need to Stop Deadly Secondhand Speed

MythbustingPeople are starting to realize the threat of motor vehicle speed to people walking, cycling and driving in cities. Earlier this week, Pete McMartin, had an excellent article in the Sun busting the myth that speeding to keep up with the flow of traffic is safer than following the speed limit. Unfortunately, this myth is [...]

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Support Funding for the Evergreen Line and Cycling

The Metro Vancouver Council of Mayors has recommended a 2 cent gas tax to fund the Evergreen Line. In addition, they are also looking at other options with the Province including a graduated vehicle levy and a road pricing transportation improvement fee to fund further transit and cycling improvements. Cycling funding would increase from $3 [...]

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Slow Down and Save Lives – 30 is the New 50

Image:   Motor vehicle speed reduction is a critical component of the BCCC’s comprehensive Cycling Strategy for BC that includes Cycling Safety Through Collision Reduction.   For people walking and cycling, motor vehicle speed is the major threat. Vision Zero - An ethical approach to safety and mobility, pioneered in Sweden, is a philosophy of road safety that eventually [...]

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