Bikes Mean Business

Increased people-traffic from cycling, walking, and transit users enhances the business environment by providing more opportunities for commerce. In particular, people who are cycling, walking, skateboarding, etc., move more slowly and are more flexible than people in cars and so are more easily able to stop and buy something from local businesses while travelling.


  • A 2009 study of Bloor Street, a commercial street in Toronto, showed that people who walked or biked to the area spent more per month than those who drove.
  • After the New York City department of Transportation added protected bike lanes to 9th Avenue, businesses saw a 49% increase in retail sales. This is particularly dramatic when compared to local businesses throughout the whole of Manhattan which only saw a 3% increase in retail sales.
  • In San Francisco, two-thirds of business owners on Valencia Street thought bike lanes had a positive impact on sales four years after the city had installed them.  40% believed that the lanes helped attract new customers to the neighbourhood.
  • “In Portland, OR, people who traveled to a shopping area by bike spent 24% more per month than those who traveled by car. Studies found similar trends in Toronto and three cities in New Zealand.” – Protected Bike Lanes Mean Business
  • After a complete street including protected bike lanes was installed on Oakland's Telegraph Avenue,  retail sales in a district that has sometimes struggled were up 9%, thanks in part to 5 new businesses. 
  • After removing parking, installing protected bike lanes and making streetscape improvements along Broadway in Salt Lake City, retail sales rose 8.8%, compared to 7% citywide.

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