BC Budget Report Recommends Increased Investment in Cycling & Walking

Some good news! The Finance Committee's report on the 2018 Budget consultations recommends the creation of an active transportation strategy including increased investment in active transportation infrastructure, education, promotion and safety. 

This marks the first time the creation active transportation strategy has been mentioned in a budget report, an important step forward. Still, work needs to be done to ensure the BC Government promptly moves forward on the creation of a strategy and commits the resources needed to create and implement a great active transportation that will enable everyone to safely cycle for their daily trips.

Please Email the Premier for an Active Transportation Strategy and Increased Funding Cycling

Specifically, from the Report on the Budget 2018 Consultation (page 68):

Active Transportation (Cycling and Walking)

81. Create a provincial active transportation strategy, including increased investment in active transportation infrastructure, education and promotion, as well as safety initiatives.

The report said quite a few of the survey responses focused on active transportation and transit. Thanks to all of you who responded to the survey or made submissions!

BC Cycling Coalition Executive Director Richard Campbell made a presentation to the committee in September highlighting the need for safe affordable active transportation networks in communities across BC. Thanks also to our partner organizations, HUB and BC Healthy Living Alliance for making presentations and submissions.

BC Cycling Coalition Budget Submission

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Official response from submitted


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