Bloor Bike Lanes

In August 2016, following Cycle Toronto's Bloor Loves Bikes! campaign, the City of Toronto installed pilot protected bike lanes on a 2.6km section of Bloor St. So far so good. Cycling is up dramatically and there has been little impact on business. The pilot will be monitored for 1 year.

For some sections, a traffic lane in each direction. In other sections,  parking was reallocated on one side of the street leaving parking on the other side.

The pilot will be monitored for 1 year. So far so good. Cycling is up dramatically and there has been little impact on business.

Cycle Toronto has noted a marked increase in bike lane usage, at least compared to three years ago. Whitton said a random morning sample in September of this year showed a 300 per cent increase over the same month in 2013.

According to Lindsay Calado of Bloor Street business Snakes and Lattes, the bike lanes have not caused any decrease in business for her café.

"Most of our staff ride their bikes to work and love the new bike lanes,” she said. “We certainly haven't noticed any decline in business since they were implemented.”

Priya Mathur noted she now cycles along Bloor regularly with her five-year-old son in tow, something she would never have done prior to the installation of separated bike lanes.

During the morning rush hour, from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m, the group counted 660 bikes and 1,105 cars, meaning cyclists represented 37 per cent of all traffic.
Fifty-six per cent of those polled approved of the new bike lanes on Bloor between Shaw St. and Avenue Rd., a pilot project installed in August. The approval rating was slightly higher in the case of those surveyed in downtown Toronto, who were 63 per cent in favour of the bike lanes, and in East York, where 72 per cent were supportive.
The poll revealed that more women surveyed approved of the Bloor bike lanes (62 per cent) than men (49 per cent). Out of all the age groups, people aged 18 to 34 approved of the bike lanes the most, at 67 per cent.
Not surprisingly, bike riders approved of the new lanes the most, at 92 per cent, while responses from drivers of cars and other vehicles were split quite equally — 45 per cent approved, 46 per cent disapproved.

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