BC to Establish Active Transportation Strategy in 2019!

Good news! The BC government has stated it will establish an active transportation strategy in 2019 as part of it's CleanBC plan. This has been one of the BC Cycling Coalition's top goals. We are really excited to see it move forward. Thanks to all of you who sent letters, signed the Cycling and Walking for Everyone petition and donated to our campaigns. Your actions really make a difference!

We are also excited that Minister Trevena met with us the day after the CleanBC plan was announced. It is great to have a Minister of Transportation committed to developing an active transportation strategy. 

From the CleanBC plan, page 25:

It’s not an option for everyone, but driving less can help reduce costs, stress and the risk of accidents,
not to mention cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. In 2019, the Province will establish an active transportation strategy with measures to support new infrastructure, education and incentive programs, and safety improvements for people walking, cycling and using other kinds of active transportation.
As we expand our transportation infrastructure, we’re making sure that major projects like new bridges and interchanges are designed to make walking, cycling and transit use as safe and convenient as possible.
They mention investment levels from some of the world leaders, so, hopefully, we will soon see similar levels in BC so everyone can bike and walk for their daily trips. From page 26:

We currently spend about $1.50 a year per person on active transportation, including things like bike lanes, walking paths and well-planned connections to transit. 

Among global leaders in active transportation, annual per-person investments are growing. The Netherlands spends $48 per person per year on active transportation programs; Denmark invests $34 per person, and New Zealand recently announced an investment of $24 per person on infrastructure, education, promotion and safety. Lessons learned in these leading jurisdictions will help to inform the new B.C. strategy.

While this is definitely great progress, still lots of work to be done to ensure that the B.C. Government develops a great active transportation strategy and invests enough to ensure everyone can ride a bike for their daily trips.

Please Donate to our Cycling for Everyone campaign. 

We will keep you up to date on the consultations for the active transportation strategy. For breaking news, please Like Us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter


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