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Survey: Support for transit through Property Tax Increase; Sunshine Coast BC

Against the call that property taxes cannot be increased, people are supporting increased taxation for transit. A principle: Growth of cycling as a mode of transportation is stimulated with quality transit services. For people, cycling is an effective and appealing feeder mode to transit stops. For people, cycling extends trip distances and increases transit ridership [...]

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More Rail Trails in the Okanagan?

A magnificent Rail Trail opportunity may be alive in the Okanagan. With the bankruptcy of the Kelowna Pacific Railway it appears that there is no longer the economic viability to maintain a commercial rail line between Kelowna and Vernon. If that turns out to be the case then the Okanagan Rail Trail Society hopes to [...]

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Links to the Presentations at the CycloTouringBC 2013 Workshop

The BCCC is undertaking an initiative to encourage growth of cycle touring in the province in order to provide significant contributions to the local economies of cities, towns, and villages. As part of this sector initiative, a CycloTouringBC Workshop was held on Oct. 27, 2013-10-27 at the Accent Inns in Burnaby. The themes for the [...]

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2013 Annual Conference Recap

Special thanks to everyone who joined us, either in person or virtually, for our second Annual Conference from October 25th-27th 2013. We are pleased to be able to confirm that we had representatives from 17 organizations from around the province among our delegates. Over the course of the weekend we were able to touch on [...]

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Congratulations to our new board of directors

Congratulations to the new Board of Directors who were elected to two-year terms on October 26th 2013 at this year’s AGM. President Richard Campbell Director Jack Becker Rob Bernhardt Colin Brander Kevin Chan Arthur Orsini Peter Stary Arne Elias Ray Straatsma Barry Bogart Aaron Dixon Cornelia Dinca Additionally Jim Alix, Fiona Walsh and Ed Schum [...]

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De Facto Fiasco

The British Columbia Court of Appeal has produced a brand new decision involving two cars which adversely impacts a cyclist’s ability to pass vehicles on the right. Not only does the decision represent another nail in the passing on the right coffin, it underscores the necessity for legislative change. The facts of the case were [...]

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AGM Notice

This year’s AGM will be taking place on Saturday October 26th. The AGM is free to attend for all conference delegates, the general public, and all BCCC members. If you are not a member, please support our efforts to improve cycling in BC by joining the BCCC. This is an exciting anniversary as we celebrate [...]

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Announcing a New Blog for the BCCC’s CycloTouringBC Program

As part of development of a cyclotouring program for BC, there is a need for a social place for cyclotourists where cyclists can seek information; look at maps; ask questions and get responses; leave comments and rate routes, accommodations, and services; relate and share their cyclotouring experiences; and so on. This blog ( will evolve [...]

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Uninsured Motorists – The Bane of Cyclists Everywhere

Many motorists choose to carry the minimum liability insurance coverage. This is to save money, though the difference between minimum and maximum Third Party Liability coverage is often less than $100.00 annually. In British Columbia the minimum liability coverage is $200,000.00. However, in some jurisdictions in the United States, for example California, a driver can [...]

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Controlling Uncontrolled Intersections

In a recent decision involving a 7 year old cyclist, the Supreme Court of British Columbia considered the law relating to uncontrolled intersections.  The case was a re-trial of an action for damages sustained by the boy who alleged he was struck by the Defendant’s vehicle while proceeding through an uncontrolled intersection.   The case [...]

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