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    Although this important issue has been deferred from January meeting, and now from your meeting on February 19, I urge you to address it at your March meeting and to vote for a safe Seaside Greenway route in Kitsilano Beach Park. The Greenway should be a park and seaside experience for people both walking and biking, consistent in design and intent throughout the 28 km of Greenway.

    This is an important moment for cycling in parks in the City. Park Board staff have advised that the Park Board wants cycling to, not through parks. This could really affect the great recreational, transportation and environmental synergies that cycling and parks share. It is not at all in line with our Greenest City Goals, nor with the Park Board goal to promote healthy active lifestyles.

    Commissioners, I want to be able to bike in the park with the children in my life learning to ride, the older family and friends who are less stable and all of the rest of us who love to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the exercise of biking! As a bonus, we can get to the park in a non-polluting manner as well!

    The Seaside Greenway Kits Beach area bike routing on the narrow shared path by the sea as well as on the roads by the parks is dangerous and not enjoyable year round. Improvements need to be made.

    Although the scope of this project currently doesn’t include east of Maple Street, we encourage Park Board to work with Engineering staff to take this opportunity to look for a routing along the north side of Ogden Ave (avoiding any legal issues with adjacent Hadden Park) and to connect in a safe way to the path through Vanier Park.

    I have been closely following the improvements under construction along the stretch of the Seaside Greenway in South False Creek, including through Charleson Park. This is a model for what our Seaside Greenway should be like. Safe, separated paths for people using various modes of transportation, from walking, to walking aides, to bicycles. There is no reason that Kits Beach Park can’t be just as good.

    I look forward to being able to bike safely and with the enjoyment of seaside and park in that area and to have a chance to provide input during a full public consultation.

    Seaside Greenway emailer

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    Thank you for supporting the completion of the Seaside Greenway through the Kitsilano Beach area, your letter really helps!

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  • commented on Metro Vancouver Cycle Highways Emails 2017-05-01 22:25:51 -0700
    I am writing today to ask you to support the creation of Cycling Highways as promoted by HUB Cycling in Vancouver, and the BC Cycling Coalition. Cycling Highways are paved and lit paths separated from motor vehicle traffic, and covering longer distances than City cycle paths. They provide connections between communities, encourage a healthy population, and promote tourism involving active transportation. They are not simply paved shoulders on provincial highways; while they may parallel provincial routes, they need to be attractive alternatives to promote their use. Routes to and from Provincial Ferry terminals would be a great place to start.


    Jeff Leigh

  • answered 2015-06-16 11:57:10 -0700
    Q: How great a danger are drivers distracted by phoning or texting to you when you are cycling?
    A: Very Dangerous

    Distracted Driving Poll

    The Province of BC is currently asking for public input on distracted driving including texting or calling while driving. The BC Cycling Coalition will be submitting recommendations and wants your feedback to help guide our recommendations.

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