$669 Million Surplus for BC, Time for Massive Investment in Cycling

The latest BC budget update forecasts a surplus of $669 million. A significant surplus should be used to help address the cycling and walking deficit we estimate to be at least $2 billion and perhaps as high as $10 billion.

For example:

  • The Capital Regional District’s Pedestrian & Cycling Master Plan estimated the cost of upgrading the bike network to attract people of all ages and abilities is around $275 million.

  • In order to meet its target of 10%, TransLink has estimated that completing all-ages cycling networks around the Metro Vancouver region will cost at least $850 million.

  • Kelowna’s cycling and walking Plan is estimated to cost $267 million.

The government really should not be claiming a budget surplus while seriously underinvesting in safe cycling and walking networks.

While progress has been made in some BC communities, the vast majority of people still don't have access to safe protected bike lanes and paths separated from traffic. As a result, many people don't have the healthy affordable transportation choices they need resulting congestion, pollution, high GHG emissions and traffic injuries and fatalities. Communities with higher levels of cycling and walking have significantly lower traffic fatality rates.

The New Zealand government is investing $390 million ($339 million CAN) in cycling and walking over 3 years, a $96 million increase over the previous three years. New Zealand's population is almost the same as BC's.

Take Action 

Encourage the BC Government to follow New Zealand's lead and invest at least $100 million per year in cycling and walking. Let them know what improvements you want in your community.

1. Make a Budget Submission

Make either a personal submission or one on behalf of an organization or business you represent. The deadline is Oct. 15 at 5pm

2. Donate to our Cycling for Everyone Campaign

3. Email the Premier

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