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Top 10 List of Do’s and Dont’s After a Crash

The things people do and say following a traffic accident are often given significant weight by a judge or jury during the trial process. Underlying the theory of evidence is the notion that the further one is from the event in issue, the more inherently unreliable is the recollection of that event, given the impact [...]

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Serious Cash for Cycling Video

Did you miss our Serious Cash for Cycling Panel at SFU on May 2nd? Watch the fully edited recording below, and learn about why we need a serious investment in cycling in British Columbia.

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POLL: Cycling Popular, Province-Wide Support for Cycling Investment

NRG Research Poll Surveys Attitudes towards Cycling in BC   May 06, 2013 VANCOUVER, BC – A new province-wide poll confirms that cycling is a popular mode of transportation among British Columbians and that there is wide support for increased investments in cycling infrastructure, education & promotion across BC.   Almost 70% of adults in [...]

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