Ira Heidemann

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    Dear Park Board Commissioners,

    I urge the Park Board to improve the dangerous segment of the Seaside Greenway route in the Kitsilano Beach area immediately. This section from the Burrard Bridge west to Balsam Street is one of the last unsafe sections of the iconic 28 km Seaside Greenway.

    The route through this incredibly well-used section of the Greenway either forces people walking and biking to share a narrow asphalt path or else forces people to ride on roads with heavy traffic and parking on both sides as well as through an extremely busy parking lot. People choose to bike on the Greenway because it is perhaps the most safe, scenic, and flat route in Vancouver and as a result it attracts people of all ages and abilities, including many children, novice, and recreational cyclists. The condition of the Greenway in this section not only deters those people on bikes to continue westward to Jericho and Spanish Banks, but it is also dangerous to them as they deal with conflicts with inattentive motorists on the roads and is unsafe for both people cycling and walking on the busy shared path.

    I look forward to hearing that you will be acting on this issue urgently.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Ira Heidemann

    Seaside Greenway emailer

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    Thank you for supporting the completion of the Seaside Greenway through the Kitsilano Beach area, your letter really helps!

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    Many thanks,

    HUB Cycling



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    We believe that there has never been a better opportunity to ensure that provincial highways work for all road users. 

    I am a strong supporter of the BC Cycling Coalition's position that having safer provincial highways requires taking all transportation modes into account. I believe that the Province should take advantage of the Rural Highways Safety and Speed Review to ensure that all cycling facilities on highways meet or exceed the standards for the actual speed of vehicles.   

    Ensuring high standards on rural highways is an essential step to unlocking millions of dollars in cycle tourism across BC. Cycling for transportation, recreation, and tourism is a popular option for residents across BC and could grow dramatically with the right investment and policy.

    While the majority of B.C.’s highways, including some newer ones like the Sea to Sky, provide sub-standard cycling conditions relatively simple solutions could be implemented to ensure the usability by cycle commuters and tourists.

    The BCCC recommends that speed limit increases not be considered on any highway unless there are adequate facilities present for cyclists of varying abilities, and that a review of cycling facilities, maintenance procedures and cycling collisions be undertaken in conjunction with the speed limit review.

    Adequate cycling facilities can be provided through a variety of means, including:

    • Sufficiently wide paved shoulders that are well maintained and kept free of road debris

    • Physically separated bike lanes, preferably directional and properly integrated into intersection design;

    • High quality bike paths within highway rights-of-way, with safe and efficient crossings of intersecting roads;

    • A high quality bike path outside of a highway right-of-way could be an option if it involved no substantive increase in distance or grade.

    Further information is available in the BC Cycling Coalition's Position Statement.

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